Kang’s Korean Restaurant / ANN ARBOR

* 05/13/2015 addition

Hot stone bibimbap
Hot stone bibimbap

Kang’s is me and my friends’ favourite restaurant on campus, we go there once every week or every two weeks! Not only that it’s not over-priced, but also it serves good (and pretty authentic) Korean food! Not delicate or gourmet but, sooooo much better than those “Asian” restaurants that serve Americanized Asian food. (Seriously, those stuff can’t even be called food.) Anyways, this is a must go for all Michigan students. So fulfilling! ❤

Please, please, please……don’t order those fake Asian food when you go there (aka spicy beef, spicy pork etc.)….it kills me. You know you can do better than that! (but of course if you like those I won’t judge lolol)

Hot Stone Bi Bim Bop

There’s regular bi bim bop and this hot stone bi bim bop. Both are really good! Don’t forget to add sesame oil and chili sauce — makes it even better.

Kimchi Chigae

When I had Budae Chigae in Taipei, they put a piece of cheese on the top of it for it to melt…and it’s super good when it blends with the broth. However they don’t do that here….neither do the Korean restaurants in NYC, maybe it was just that particular restaurant? But anyways. Since there’s no melting cheese, and I’m just not a big fan of sausages, I always get Kimchi Chigae here in stead of Budae Chigae. It’s so good (especially if you’re really into broth haha) for my soul ❤

Duk Man Du

I ordered this on a cold day when I was really sick. and omg best decision ever! The beef broth was soooo good, and I’m saying that with an Asian standard! Should totally do this more every once in a while, since I usually get spicy entrees (love spicy!) This is something I would definitely get again 🙂

Food:   ♠ ♠ ♠

Service:   ♠ ♠ ♠

Environment:   ♠

Price:   $ $

⇒ Suitable for: quick meal, with friends, to-go, cold days

⇒ Transportation: closest Blue Bus stops — East Quad, Law School

⇒ Web Page: Kang’s Korean Restaurant

⇒ FB Page: Kang’s Korean Restaurant


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