The Lobby of Simple Kaffa | Hotel V / TAIPEI

Hotel V is the one on the left!
Hotel V is the one on the left!

One of my favorite coffee shops in town!
Coffee + desserts are great, and the location is so secretive! 秘密基地 🙂

It’s in the alleys behind Zara Zhongxiao Dunhua, you gotta pay attention to the “Hotel V” banners, and The Lobby is right in the basement (but there’s a garden / open space outside!)
P.S. Hotel V is not an actual hotel, but more of a department store.

I think my favorites are 白啤咖啡 and 抹茶捲 so far, but definitely wanna try more of their stuff!


The Lobby of Simple Kaffa is on your left hand side right after you walk down the staircase of Hotel V.
Isn’t this pretty!? 超有fu的!!


每次來都會想咖啡蛋糕都點, 錢包哭哭 😥


It’s a small place but never feels too crowded! 位子不多但是還沒有沒位子過 😀

pro coffee supplies
宇治森半抹茶蛋糕捲 Uji Matcha Cake Roll
Uji Matcha Cake Roll

THIS MATCHA CAKE ROLL WAS SO GOOD!! ❤ ❤ the matcha filling and cream are very rich….I can’t imagine what would happen if I get a complete long roll of this.
這個抹茶卷真的超強的啦, 裡面的抹茶餡超濃的,切開後會源源不斷的流出來….

白啤咖啡 "White beer coffee"
“White beer coffee”

Looks and tastes kind of like beer, but it’s actually coffee! 白啤 has more of a fruity taste (as opposed to 黑啤 has a wood!? taste木頭香).
淡淡的花果香加上泡沫~有點喝啤酒的感覺但是又喝得出來是咖啡香~大愛! ❤ 這個會消泡所以要趕快喝喔~




latte in the back!
latte in the back!

– Food: ✩✩✩✩✩
– Service: ✩✩✩✩✩
– Environment: ✩✩✩✩✩
– Price: about 300NT for both dessert + coffee
– Suitable for: not more than 4 ppl
– Page:


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