Dumplings & Potstickers 豬肉韭菜水餃&鍋貼 / COOK

Making dumplings is a super fun (and delicious) social activity! We made 100 dumplings for the six of us for dinner, and it was awesome! ❤


First, cut green onions, chives(韭菜), and ginger to small pieces. Mix and massage ground pork with water, soy sauce, salt, a little sugar, rice wine(米酒), and vinegar (I used 山西老陳醋).

IMG_2193  IMG_2194

Then, dump ginger, chives, and green onion to the pot of ground pork and mix them well by hand.


Spoon reasonable amounts of the mixed meat to the dumpling skin. Close and fold the dumpling skin by dipping your finger with a little water. (The white powder prevents the skin from sticking together, so you need water for them to stick)


With an assembly line, making 100 dumplings are not a problem at all 🙂


So we didn’t have enough skin and decided to put the extra meat into a tortilla…..


Delicious dumplings! ❤


If you feel like some potstickers, instead of putting them in a pot of boiling water – place them in a frying pan with oil, and add water till the potstickers are 1/2 to 2/3 covered. Then, put the lid on and wait for the bottom to fry 🙂 The meat actually tasted juicier this way then the dumplings did! Not sure why though.



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