Santouka Ramen 山頭火ラーメン / L.A.

What~~~~there’s Santouka in the U.S.!?
The first place I went to after arriving in L.A. was the Japanese marketplace called Mitsuwa (there are multiple locations in the U.S., especially in California.)

At first I was wary if ramen here would be good…because ramen broth is so important and difficult to make, and usually Japanese food in America is pretty fail :/ but OMG that was so good… first meal was already tearing me up.

Miso Ramen
Miso Ramen

I had Miso Ramen 味噌ラーメン and the miso broth was really really thick, just the way I like it ❤ 🙂 the noodles were not as great though, if they can make better noodles then it would be perfect! 😀 If Californians can make good ramen why can’t Michiganders do so too :(((

– Food: ✩✩✩✩✩
– Service: ✩✩✩
– Environment: ✩✩✩
– Price: $10 and up
– Suitable for: it’s a food court~
– Page:


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