Sushi Gen 鮨元 / L.A.


Went all the way from Westwood to downtown LA to have lunch at this place.



10455097_671758479620190_5116586238489463166_n     10906436_671758452953526_3725120850522740057_n

Their green tea was soooo good though! Tasted like Itoen or Ayataka I would get from vending machines in Japan (伊藤園・綾鷹)but hot instead of cold… good 😀

sashimi lunch 刺身定食
sashimi lunch 刺身定食

I ordered their sashimi lunch 刺身定食, and the sashimi was really fresh and juicy 🙂 Best sushi/sashimi I had so far in the U.S.! satisfied ❤

sushi deluxe
sushi deluxe
chirashi deluxe
chirashi deluxe

The other dishes looked really good too but I didn’t get to try them > <

– Food: ✩✩✩✩✩
– Service: ✩✩✩✩✩
– Environment: ✩✩✩✩
– Price: ~$20
– Suitable for: around 4 people
– Page:


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