Yotsuba / ANN ARBOR

Pretty far from campus (close to Rave Cinema, can take the city bus), but in my opinion the best Japanese restaurant in the Ann Arbor area.

I had their yakisoba once and that was good but wayyyyy too salty :/ Their udon was good though so I ordered that again this time.

nabeyaki udon
nabeyaki udon
tempura that came with nabeyaki udon
tempura that came with nabeyaki udon

The nabeyakiudon 鍋やきうどん I had was good (broth still a little bit salty) and it comes with tempura 🙂

Alaska rolls
Alaska roll

I think this was my first time having Alaska rolls…taste just like any other kind of American sushi lol, but I like American sushi 🙂


agedashi tofu
agedashi tofu

We also ordered a bunch of appetizers so it was super satisfying~agedashi tofu, yakitori, and sashimi were alright..but you can’t expect too much from Michigan Japanese food 😛 (I usually don’t eat Japanese food here….but if I do, I go to Yotsuba!)

– Food: ✩✩✩
– Service: ✩✩✩
– Environment: ✩✩✩
– Price: ~$15
– Suitable for: around 4 people
– Page: http://www.yotsuba-restaurant.com/home.htm


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