Semi-Kasaneni 重ね煮 / COOK

重ね煮(kasaneni) is a popular way to cook in Japan recently. You basically overlay the ingredients in a pot and allow them to boil without adding water (but you do add some dashi). It’s super easy and takes very little time. Moreover, you can taste the natural flavor of the meat/seafood/vegetables! 🙂 A good way to go when you want to take a break from the heavy-flavored food outside, and return to the simple, healthy lifestyle. No wonder it’s so popular these days!


To save time and energy, I didn’t go with the usual Kasaneni recipe you can find online, but made a more simple & easy version of it. I’m just gonna call it a Semi-Kasaneni for now.

I broke cabbage into reasonable sized pieces and laid them in a pot. (*Note: You’d want to choose a pot with a lid that closes TIGHTLY to allow efficient steaming/boiling) Remember, NO WATER NEEDED! 🙂 Then, just lay the ingredients you want over the cabbage, and be careful to not let them touch the surface of the pot to prevent sticking! Here, I have chicken tenderloin, mushrooms, tofu, and shrimps. Everything that I love ❤


After carefully laying the ingredients, add some dashi for flavoring. I didn’t use anything for measuring, but just kind of poured with instinct and made sure it touched everything in the pot. I’d say I added about 2~3 table spoons, but you can eyeball it and adjust according to your personal taste. I used this Hon-tsuyu for dashi, it’s usually for soba/udon noodles but this brand has a stronger and better taste than other tsuyu so I just went with this. Turned out awesome 😀


Close the lid tightly and let it boil with medium fire for around 10 minutes, and tah-dah~~~the Kasaneni is ready when you can see steam coming out, dashi boiling, and your ingredients cooked! Yum! ❤

I had this with fresh-cooked rice and it tasted like heaven! I would say it’s something between sukiyaki and hotpot – not as salty as sukiyaki and isn’t soup-based like shabu shabu hotpot…and it takes less time to prepare than either of those! You should definitely try this out if you love sukiyaki and hotpot like I do 🙂


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